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K'Arthur's Fanfiction and Fan Art Raffle 2008

The Fantastic Fanfiction and Fan Art Raffle!
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Fan raffle for game fans by game fans...
Last Updated: 10/6/08

Quick Links for 2008

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And by popular request here's a link to the 2007 entry table

Had so much fun in 2007...decided to do it again!

I moved last year and found a bunch of fannish stuff that was lying around. Rather than sell it on ebay, I decided to have a raffle where people earn tickets for completing fanfics and fanarts in my favorite fandoms. I was really happy to see that we had 73 entries for those 17 prizes!

This year, I've opened the prize donation up a bit more and others who have things that need to be "re-homed" have donated them to the contest. I also expanded the list of acceptable fandoms!

Here’s the deal: You will create a fanwork, share it with the world at large, and in exchange I will give you a ticket for the raffle. Numbers will be drawn and prizes will be awarded. So, basically you’re getting a reward for doing all that fun fannish work that you’d do anyway.

Now, before you jump head long into this thing, there are, of course, some rules to keep things fair. There are minimums you must meet in order to receive a ticket. I’m not going to give you a a full set of the Suikoden manga for a crappy piece of Mary-Sue fanfic that is less than a half a page. Quality, first people!

The contest will run from July 22, 2008, 12:01 AM, Central Daylight Time to November 5th, 2008, 12:01 AM, Central Daylight Time. During this time you can create up to five entries for five separate chances to win. Each entry must follow a different theme from the given list. The themes can be found here.

Oh, and keep in mind that if you win someone will need to ship your goodie to you. If you are underage and your parents will have a problem you receiving a package from a strange person on the internet, do us both a favor and don't enter. I don't need the hassle and neither do you.

So, how do you join the fun?
1. Be sure to read the rules post and comment to it. I will not enter you in the contest—even if you have five pieces of fan art done by next week—until you do so!

2. Write a fanfic, draw a piece of fan art, make a doujinshi...do something fannish that meets the requirements outlined in the rules.

3. Then, post your work using the posting form. Please LJ cut everything and use spoiler warnings--even on fanfics based on games that are 10+ years old.

Other Notes:
1. There is only one rule in this community: be excellent to each other.

2. Feel free to introduce yourself and chat with people on the community and exchange ideas. This isn’t a contest about who can plot the best story, but rather an incentive to share fan works with others!

3. Please help pass the word on about the contest throughout the Lunar, Suikoden, Tales of the Abyss, Valkyrie Profile, Dragon Quest 8, Phoenix Wright, Wild Arms and Eternal Sonata fandoms.

4. If you have a question, ask, but please read the FAQ first.