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Sticky Post: Quick Links

Contest 2012?

I am considering running a contest this summer. But I'm wondering if anyone is still here on LJ or if the contest should be moved to DW. Thoughts?

Most prizes from me will be doujins since I have an entire file cabinet of them that I need to clean out.

Now that I have a baby, I need all the space I can get!

Anyone interested?
LJ a good place?
Let me know.

I think we need another contest...

Mostly because I have a giant file cabinet full of doujins and other fandom toys that need new homes.

I'm thinking of putting one together (same format, raffle style) after the first of the year.

Anyone interested?


My apologies for the spam on karthurcontest I have deleted everything and banned the user.

Was just wondering if...

...anyone has received their prize from Middletails yet? I keep being afraid mine has been lost in the mail. :/


All prizes from me have now shipped. The last batch (Maya, PW Doujin and the GBA) went out this morning. Please let me know when y'all get your prizes.

So far, I've only heard from laryna6 and seta_suzume

And have a Happy Thanksgiving ♥

Items Shipped

Those who won items from me, the following will ship tomorrow:


The rest will go out early next week. I need to get more boxes and mailers.


All prizes have been claimed.

Refer to here: http://community.livejournal.com/karthurcontest/53855.html and please contact the sponsor of your prize with your shipping information if you haven't already done so.

Prize List

As people get back to me, I am updating the prize list.


So, keep checking that to see what's going where ♥


Folks, if you have already claimed your prize, you can feel free to contact the sponsor with your shipping information. LJ PM works great. If the prize you won is one of mine, you may also email me at: mathiusilverberg@gmail.com
Be sure to give your LJ username and the prize won.

Please keep the following things in mind:

1. Sponsors may not be able to mail your prize today, tomorrow or even this week. Last year, it took me about a month to get everything where it belonged. I will let those who won items from me when they ship and how they were shipped. I generally use US Mail, Media Rate. Please be patient. ♥

2. Sponsors have laid out a good deal of their own money to provide for this contest. I generally send everything media mail or first class and so do the others. If you want a tracking number, FedEx, UPS, etc. then you will need to get with that sponsor and offer to pay shipping yourself.

Numbers Drawn

Here's the order of numbers drawn. Bolded number is the one I'm waiting on a prize selection from. As soon I hear from that person, I will return to using the lists provided. If you haven't provided a list...it would be awesome if you could do so ♥

1. #804, quatrina, Tales of the Abyss Figurines
2. #821, ryoneko, Wild Arms 3 Set
3. #869, itachidobe, Ghost Files DVD
4. #809, onewaystair, Fire Emblem GBA game
5. #814, sagesoren, Full Metal Alchemist Artbooks
6. #841, lumos, Maya Figurine
7. #874, vedagil, Chrono Crusade Set
8. #849, firstgold, Valkyrie Profile Manga
9. #872, nemissa, Thousand Arms Artbook
10. #811, seta_suzume, La Puecelle Tactics Game
11. #863, ultra_butterfly, Suikoden Manga
12. #806, silvertoekee, GBA
13. #816, barrelgoddess, 2 character commission from lament_the_wind
14. #871, seta_suzume, TOA Doujin (Nephry-centric)
15. #852, memedoll, Suikoden Book Set
16. #834, silvertoekee, Suikoden Doujinshi Set F
17. #819, solana_delfina, 3 character commission from seta_suzume
18. #822, sagesoren, Shadow Hearts 2 Artbook
19. #835, dessa_gepichu, Hack manga and figurine
20. #838, applefairy7, 6 months paid LJ time
21. #859, darkangel6, Knit commission from firstgold
22. #873, inu_taiyoukai, Kingdom Hearts Figurine
23. #802, catsprite, Nash Figurine
24. #864, laryna6, Suikoden V
25. #832, acerbus_wing, Knit commission from seirai
26. #815, ladynadiad, Final Fantasy Creatures
27. #880, darkangel6, Scrapped Princess DVD
28. #865, quatrina, Suikoden Doujin Set E
29. #833, laryna6, Cookies
30. #840, shigan--DECLINED PRIZE--New # drawn at bottom of list.
31. #846, memedoll, Suikoden Doujin Set A
32. #847, fenixdownreborn, Balmut Figurine
33. #839, vyctori, Soul Caliber II
34. #837, laryna6, Legend of Crystania DVD
35. #857, onetruebelmont, Suikoden Doujin set D
36. #825, fenixdownreborn, FF7 Cerebus Figure
37. #854, ladynadiad, Suikoden Doujin #1 (Flik x Vik)
38. #823, dessu_gepichu, Ifirit Figurine
39. #813, sagesoren, Phoenix Wright Doujin
40. #853, ladynadiad, Suikoden Doujin set G
41. #866, crystalcattail, Suikoden Doujin set B
42. #867, memedoll, Suikoden Doujin set C
43. #844, laryna6, Chrono Crusade #1
44. #831, onetruebelmont, Suikoden Button Collection
45. #805, barrelgoddess, Lamento Button Collection


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